Cross Coverage

On March 5th, the Smith County Chamber of Commerce welcomed new member Jennifer Cross of Cross Coverage. Cross has been a licensed insurance agent in Tennessee since 2011 and a resident of Brush Creek since 2017. She is an Air Force mom to a serving daughter and sports mom to her stepson who attends a Smith County school.  Jennifer’s husband, Josh is a paramedic in Smith County.
Cross Coverage is an organization dedicated to meeting the needs of employees and employers of all company sizes. In the current environment of low unemployment, benefits are a major factor in the job seeking decision. However, employers worry of how much they can afford to give. Cross Coverage brings the better insurance products in the worksite market directly to employees with no financial investment on the part of the company. They offer supplemental benefits such as Permanent Life Insurance, Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke coverage, Accident policies, Short Term Disability and even Hospital Indemnity plans that cover all employees with very few exceptions. The costs are extremely low so employees are more likely to keep their policies long term.

Besides worksite insurance plans, Cross Coverage also offers prepaid legal. Their Legal Shield is an investment the average family can make to ensure they’re prepared for whatever life sends their way. This can be offered as a group benefit as well.  Everything from real estate transactions, to contract reviews, to traffic ticket representation in court by a local attorney, and all services are available across the country. Benefits are all easy to use and inexpensive, so employers and employees alike are pleased. Cross Coverage is local to Smith County but licensed in 11 surrounding states.
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