The Smith County Chamber of Commerce welcomes new member ProtecStor and its owner, Bob Williamson. ProtecStor is a self-storage business located at 342 E Market Street in Bolivar, Tennessee, with both climate controlled and dry storage units. Mr. Williamson is a new resident to Smith County; splitting his time between Smith County and Hardeman County, in West Tennessee. Bob has joined the Smith County Chamber of Commerce to become better acquainted with the community, explore opportunities to extend his self-storage business and contribute to community development. Mr. Williamson feels that Smith County is ideally located for both rural quality of life and a thriving economy. Bob and his wife have developed two idle and vacant commercial properties in Bolivar, Tennessee into successful ventures. They are owners/partners in a commercial space for offices and retail. His wife is also the owner/operator of a cosmetics studio and hair salon in Bolivar. More information on ProtecStor can be found online at



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