Tri Star Land Improvement, LLC.

The Smith County Chamber of Commerce is pleased to welcome new member, Tri Star Land Improvement, LLC., a custom land clearing and maintenance business. Their services can enhance your property with trails to fully immerse you in the health and beauty of your land. They can restore and maintain your farm, home or commercial property with underbrush removal, field and pasture reclamation, site prep and storm clean-up. Pictured are Rick Garrels, owner of Tri Star Land Improvement, and Braden Garrels. Tri Star Land Improvement can be emailed at and found on Facebook by searching @TriStarLand.


    “Tri Star Land Improvement, LLC is a family owned and operated land maintenance service. The services we provide are reclaiming overgrown properties with forestry mulching and extreme brush cutting equipment, capable of clearing up to 10 years of growth. We also take care of regular pasture or field maintenance with a tractor and bush hog.

      Our customers are private landowners who want to open up the natural features of their property that are being choked by brush and unwanted foliage or who desire to clear a spot for future building sites. We also cater to residential and commercial real estate companies that want to spruce up a property to sell.

     We plan to add additional services as we grow, so call with your unique need, and we will do our best to take care of you within your budget. Contact Rick Garrels at 615-489-6431 or Braden Garrels at 615-483-7719.

      Being a part of the Smith County Chamber is important to us, as we want to be a part of and contribute to our community.”


  • Rick Garrels

          Tri Star Land Improvement

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