ThompsonMoss, Inc.

The Smith County Chamber of Commerce welcomes member, ThompsonMoss, INC. ThompsonMoss, INC. was established in 2013 by Mr. Robert (Bobby) Moss and Mr. Dean Thompson and is a licensed general contractor specializing in manufacturing and erecting concrete log homes utilizing their patented concrete wall system. This system was first tested and used in both the owners own homes here in Smith County as prototypes.  They have since constructed several homes in the surrounding area and some adjoining states.  A local example of their system is the “Rails to Trails” restroom facility on South Main street in South Carthage.   It looks like a log structure but is in fact concrete.

In their published biography Bobby and Dean both stated: “With the help of the Lord in combination with the years of experience each of us have in the building and engineering fields we were able to perfect our system.  They continued: “As far as the cost of the ThompsonMoss log homes, appraisers are saying they are costing about 25% less than traditional log homes to initially build and without the maintenance costs, which is a huge bonus.  Homeowners can also classify this product as a masonry structure which lenders view in a much better light than traditional log home when considering a loan.  They have many different log profiles and sizes available including rough sawn, hand hewn, D log, lap siding as well as Butt n Pass, and post corners. Their company goals are to provide beautiful, affordable, low maintenance homes, and be a blessing to God and to others.”

Pictured above with Chamber Director Bill Woodard are Bobby Moss and Dean Thompson. If you or your business would like to learn more about “ThompsonMoss” or the Smith County Chamber of Commerce go to, call 615-735-2093 or go to our Facebook page for more information.  We are proud to support and boost businesses here in Smith County.  If you are looking to start a business or if you are an existing business and would like our assistance, we are here to help. We remind everyone to  SHOP LOCALLY, it helps us all!
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